My Passion


My Passion

Hi, if you don’t already know me I am Cassandra, Cass to my friends,

I am here to pass on the powerful learnings and knowledge I have gathered over my life, and I can let you know I have had one amazing life.

Be Proud of yourself,

You are an amazing creation,

Every morning you beat all the odds by waking up, stand tall be proud you are YOU.

The rest of the day will fall into place,

Yes you will have struggles, life can be a struggle, or it can be an adventure, you’re job is to embrace them, work with them, enjoy the adventure, you are alive they make you who you are.

Some times I so want to slap people when they do the “my life is sooo bad etc….” but then I stop and I think…

And I know that to someone that hasn’t relised that their life is amazing, that their life is an adventure, and that they are here to make it all that it can be, then Yes…..

I guess to them it maybe so bad,

I am here to help you get off that broken record,

I am here to support you,

Guide you,

Be the shoulder to cry on when you need it,

I am here to help.

My Passion

I woke up breathed and took nourishment this morning, beats the alternative.

I would be really annoyed if I didn’t, I have so much to do.

And I will and I Am Doing it!!!!

A friend of mine asked me if I would be missed if I wasn’t here, or would life go on,

I would Hope that I will be missed by my family,

Yes life will go on,

I love my family and I do miss the loved ones that have gone,

All life is amazing,

We all deserve to be loved and it is a sign of how much you are loved by how much you’re close ones miss you.

This outlook I discovered after my life changing medical emergency last year, last week I had my one year aniversary of my LIFE, I am here, I survived.

My Passion

I know what I want, and took this to wake me up, before I was willing to let others bend me,

Now No Way,

Now I am on the road to success,

I wont stop,

I am here,

Join me or get left behind

I am willing to bend to overcome a greater force as long as it is Me choosing to bend

I am willing to bend but only if I decide to.

I am climbing this mountain, I am over the walking along the flat road

And when I reach the top I will climb the next one

It isnt the destination it is the climb

It is the adventure

Some people are left with a feeling of “Is that all there is?”

I am OMG WOW sweet there is more!!!

I love change, change is good if the reason behind the change is stable and valid

Then it is a new chalange

life is Change,

You can either go with the flow,

Or look out side the box

I am here,

I am here for you,

Contact me for extra Motivation,

this is My Passion

Amazing Family


Amazing Family


Over the last few weeks I have been away, travelled over 3000km to visit my very ill Aunt, then back home and back to work,

I have been very distracted with worry and unable to write, that hasn’t stopped me from still doing studies to improve myself,

I love My Family, with all their quirks, I must admit my amazing family are very close, I know a lot of people lose track of their Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, second Cousins, Brothers and Sisters,

That is one thing that hasn’t happened with my Family,

and I am so happy that I am part of this family,

Yes we have our fights, what family doesn’t, and we may be spread across the country, but we can ring and say “Hi I will be in town in half a hour…”, and the door is always open,


Amazing Family


We are a Family,

A very large extended Family but we are an Amazing Family.

Everytime one of them are hurt, we all feel it to some extent, we grew up very close,

all my aunts and uncles on my Mums side were all on the same farm where I grew up,

If my mum wasn’t available for some reason one or three of my Aunts were, and my Gran,

All there living next door to each other,

I guess I can say I was raised by my Mum and Dad and all my Aunts and Uncles, and my Gran,

they all had a very active roll in who I am,

All my cousins are more like my brothers and sisters,

We were all so close, growing up on the farm.


 Amazing Family


On this friday just gone my wonderful amazing Aunty Betty passed away,

I have had a very emotionally amazing few weeks,

The last few days have been full of tears and laughing,

and giggles and back to tears,

I so love her,

I will miss her dearly,


Amazing Family

In the last year I have lost two of my Dear Aunts,

Aunty Dawn and Aunty Betty,

I will so miss them both,

They were always there for me as a young kid,

As a very confused teenager,

When ever I needed them,

They were there.


 Amazing Family

As I am sitting here writing this I am crying remembering them both,

I am so happy I got to see them both before they passed,

I got to hug them,

I got to tell them I love them,

I got to show them both I love them.

So as I sit here crying and smiling and giggling then back to crying I want to say I love you Aunty Betty,


Amazing Family

Everyone should tell someone that they love them,

You’re family is the only one you have, hold onto it,

Love you’re family they are what make you the amazing person you are,

They made me and I am so glad and happy I have the family I have.

  Amazing Family


A very close friend lead me to this poem today,

and it is perfect,

so I wish to share this with everyone,

please enjoy it.

Beautiful Amazing Beings


Beautiful Amazing Beings.

Hi, last week I did an awesome course,

I did the Mental Health First Aid Certificate, and WOW, what a amazing course,

I will recommend this course, it is totally awesome,

And yes I did relate to a few of the conditions,

I always knew that on the odd occasion I had panic attacks,

But I was amazed that during my major medical and life changing event last year, I was fully medicated by my Doctors for the pain, that that medication caused a medicated Psychosis,

I had the crawling skin, I even remember going to the Doctor and demanding he do something to stop the monkeys swinging in my nose, (yes, I know like really, Monkeys………… in my nose……………they were having a party in there, the cheeky buggers, swinging about and making me want to rip my nose off my face and scratch them out of there.)

I was amazed the medications made the sensations so real, there was something there, under my skin, and in my face.

I even remember demanding they take them away, or give me something to take it away, or give me the knife so I could take them away by cutting out the Cyst myself,

Just do something, stop these side effects, and I really hated those sensations, they were driving me insane.

I can also see now after experiencing this why people demand that someone fix what ever condition that is causing them pain,

I am not talking about minor pain, I am talking about the pain that you will do anything and I mean anything to remove that pain, even by taking that pain away yourself by causing more pain to stop the other pain.

This type of pain totally messes with your mind, I didn’t even care at the time if I lived or died, as long as the pain was stopped, I didn’t care how, just take it away.

And yes, remembering this still causes me issues, writing this down is bring back all the heart break again, but I have to get it out,

I have to let it go, for my own sanity I have to talk about this,

I guess most people will keep this sort of pain and hide it under a mask,

I cant do that, I need to let it out,

I refuse to let this hold me back, I am not the same person I was,

Yes I am still happy cheeky Cass, but I am also the Cass that has lived through something that should of killed me,

and I am ALIVE,

I am ALIVE!!


Beautiful Amazing Beings.


I refuse to just live,

I am living, I am here,

every single day is amazing,

I am not here to be walked all over,

I get so frustrated when I see people letting others put them down,

I can’t influence how others treat others,

I can influence how I treat others, and how I let others affect me,

I am amazing,

Every single person in my life is amazing,

Yes you are amazing,

I can now see the real me, I can see the real you,

And you know what,

You Are Beautiful, I Am Beautiful, I can see the Beautiful You, and Me.

So everyone, Yes You, look at You, who do you see?,

I see an Amazing Wonderful Individual, because we are, we all are, not one single person out there is not amazing, you were born, your life is yours.

What I do with my life is my choice, no one but me can influence what I am, Who I Am!

yes I chose to work, I chose to write, I chose to be all I can be,

I am here for you if you need me, we all need someone,

I have just found out that I need me first,

I sort of like who I am, and since I found this out I have been amazed with all I can do,

I use to listen to everyone else, how they thought I should be, but now I have my confidence back, and I can see how amazing every single person is, and I love it.

To get to this level for me has been a constant struggle, and yes I have to constantly remind myself that I am amazing, as society loves to make us conform, I now refuse to conform, I will not be what society wants me to be, I Will be what I Want to be.

There is always going to be someone that wants you to be sad, cranky, or down right rude, just because they are themselves, and they can’t see that they are really a Beautiful Creation,

All they see is that they have to struggle and someone will pay for their suffering, so you are going to be the one that they will do their best to make feel as bad as they feel right now, because they can’t see the Beauty in themselves.

People like that I use to let affect me, and yes to some degree I still get affected, I am human,

I feel what others feel, if they hurt I hurt, if they suffer I feel and see their pain,

but I know am not the one suffering, I have been there, done that, didn’t like it, so I refuse to suffer again, it sucks, and I wont let it happen to me again,

I am ME, and I Am Beautiful.

And I tell myself that constantly, the more I say it the more I believe, and as an amazing person says “a belief is a though you keep thinking” (Abraham Hicks thank you).

I Believe in Me, I Believe.

Beautiful Amazing Beings.

It is coming up to twelve months after my major live changing event,

At the moment I keep remembering bits and pieces of things that happened at this time last year,

Yes most of the time after I stopped working on doctors orders, and was on sick leave permanently from 29th June till the day of my operation the 1st august, that period was spent in sever pain,

fully medicated on slow release morphine, and blood thinner injections and tables, to reduce the clots that had lodged in my lungs,

And I keep looking back and I am remembering silly things I did when I was wasted,

Yes I was off my face, no wonder the doctors and my parents told me my car was off limits.

Yes on the good days I could drive, but a few times I would drive into Mums work to have lunch with them, and to get there I was fine, clear headed etc.,

But after eating and the medication would hit the next level and I would look at Mum and be totally zoned out, and would have to ask her to drive me home, I was still sort of there, but zonked as well,

Now I look back on this time I can see how people get addicted to these medication,

I can also now see why after my operation, the doctors kept me in the hospital, they had to monitor that I was ok mentally not just physically,

This sort of event can mess with your mental health as well as your physical health,

I was lucky, I didn’t gain an addiction to the medications, but I could have, others do all the time.

Or I could have had permanent mental health issues from this traumatic event, I can see and understand why people do.

This course has opened my eyes more,

Well all the training I have been doing over the last few months has opened my eyes, I have been doing some wonderful training.

I am now seeing this amazing life we all have,

I am seeing the little miracles in every day, and wow they are everywhere,

You know we are the most amazing wonderful creations that I know of,

We are Us,

Take a good look,

We are really Beautiful Amazing Beings.

Most Important Things


The Most Important Things


Have you ever asked your self this one most important question

What is the most important thing in the world to me?

ok so what is the most important thing in the world to you, think about it, there are a lot of things you could answer with, I want you to think hard.

Your house?

Your car?


Your children?

Your spouse?

Your work?

Your pets?

Ok ok the list can go on, you get my point.

and yes all are very important to you, we all need at least one of those, if not a few of them,


they are not the most valuable thing you own, need or should treasure, and worship.

ok so your asking now “what is the most important thing in the world to me?”

well your most valuable thing that you have is YOU!!


The Most Important Things


You are the most important valuable vital thing in your life.

If you don’t have you then you never existed.

The one and only thing that will be with you from the day you are born to the day you die is YOU yourself.

The only person that you have to impress in this life is yourself, you should not let what others think affect who you are, who cares what others think, the only one that should care is yourself, if others don’t like you you shouldn’t let it affect who you are, the only person that you should worry about liking you is YOU.

if you don’t like you then you need to look at who you are, and how you can improve yourself to make you all you want to be, no one in this life or any life has the right to affect WHO YOU ARE.


The Most Important Things


You are unique,

You are Special.

You are the most sacred YOU.

If you love yourself others will love you,

And yes you should love yourself, you are the most amazing person in your life.

If others don’t like the most amazing person you are, then they are not meant to be part of your life.

You should never let others put you down,

You should not put yourself down,


The Most Important Things


Your life is a miracle,

Look at the little miracles that are in your life,

Take the time to see them, they are everywhere.

A baby.

A butterfly flying past you, or landing on you.

The touch from a child.

A hug.

A smile.

Smile ever chance you can get.

A thankyou from someone you dont know.

A touch.

The rain on your face.

The trust from your pet.


The Most Important Things


There are millions of miracles in your life every day, you just need to see them, they are everywhere.

Take the time for you, you deserve it, it is your time, your own self, look at you, see you, see the real you, you are the amazing wonderful beautiful stunning YOU!!

If you are ready to find the real you, and discover your true potential, click on the advertisments at this sites, they helped me find my real self, if you have any questions contact me, I am happy to help you.


The Most Important Things

How do you do it


How do you do it


How do you tell your Brother that you love him and hate him at the same time,

when you see what he has done to your parents,

how he has broken their hearts and he has no idea what he has done because he is a drug addict,

you see him when you go to visit him in prison and you want to cry and scream and slap him

but all you do is hug him and tell him you love him.


How do you do it


How do you find the strength to keep going back again and again to visit him in prison,

when the place makes you feel so institutionalised,

so many rules,

you have to,


because he is your brother,

and he needs you,

no matter what,

he needs you.


How do you do it


And trust me,

I hate rules,

I was meant to break them,

so to make myself conform is one of the hardest things I do,

but I do it,

because he is my brother.


How do you do it


I watch my parents struggle with what my brother has done,

they know that he is his own man,

that they are not to blame for his actions,

but he is still their son,

and they hurt with what he has done.


How do you do it


Both my parents are angry with what he has done,

but they still love him,

he is their baby boy.

They both know that what he had done has nothing to do with how he was raised,

they have four children me my sister and my two brothers,

for one out of four to break the law and the other three to be strong prosperous individuals,

that in itself is a strong reflection on how great a job my parents did,

my sister runs her own business,

raised her four children on her own,

and they are beautiful young people too,

my other brother works with Dad in the family plumbing business,

he has basically taken over the running of the family business

he has 3 young children and a lovely wife,

he is also working on another project that he is developing (more to come on that in future blogs, when he is ready to release the idea).


How do you do it


So as I say my parents did a great job on all of us,

they are amazing people,

and my best friends,

I can tell my mum anything,

some women don’t have that with their parents,

and I have seen it with a lot of people I meet,

so I am very happy that I have them as my parents.


How do you do it


It doesn’t matter what upbringing some people have,

some people will always break the rules,

do something totally different from what they have learnt from their families,

or mentors,

they just have to do something totally opposite to what every one that knows the person would expect them to do.

and it has nothing to do with who their parents are, how they were raised,

some people will find their way,

others will crash and burn,

but that crash and burn maybe the best thing that could happen to them,

because no matter how low they go,

once you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go from there.

And that is UP.


How do you do it


Each time you are dragged down,

you learn from that experience,

I embrace each time that I fail as a stepping stone in my climb in my life,

and I am going to enjoy this path,

I have learnt so much over the last few months.


How do you do it


So I have tossed out the rule book,

I didn’t like it anyway,

it kept telling me I had to do things the way society plans me to do and be,

and hey I have major issues with rules,

I don’t like being told I have to do things one way,

when I can see that I can reach my goals by doing it differently,

I like to see the story in life and figure out how to do it,

not coast along,

I need to leap in there and do it,

I have found that I have to believe in ME,

once you believe in yourself you will find that you can do anything,

the path I am on has helped me find ME,

and I am finding there is power in ME,

the only one that can stop me from achieving is me,

I am the only one that can affect my outcome in my life,

and you are the only one that can stop you.

Once you accept that you will find that you feel free


How do you do it


It took me some time to absorb this,

I know I can over come the struggles that are placed in front of me every day,

each struggle is a learning curve,

to tackle,

and overcome.


How do you do it

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